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MitID From Past to Future

MitID was launched in May 2010. Its main intent was to help identity theft victims recover their identity in the shortest time possible. MitID works by tracking cell phone location data and storing it in a central database. From 6 May to September 2020, MitID will be in a full open beta stage. This means only a select number of end users will have access to MitID at this time (estimated uptime of up to 14 days).

During the pilot phase, only a small number of pre-approved users will be able to log onto MitID. In this stage, it’s recommended to hide the real MitID log-in ID to prevent extra frustration and support from non-approved users. After the pilot phase, the company will move into the open beta stage, which allows anyone to download the latest version of MitID for use. In this latest release, new add-on services have been added:


  • The third party application service that companies can use to integrate MitID into their websites. Users add the service code to their website and are taken to the login screen when the website user clicks on the “Add” or “Search” button. From there, any cell phone number can be tracked from the comfort of their homes. The basic service, broker pilot, is free.
  • The second add-on service that companies will be able to integrate into their websites after the pilot phase ends. This service, called Customer Manager, takes the existing data from the broker’s database and creates a custom database for end-user interaction. This includes detailed information about the cell phone’s connection status, call history, purchased items, etc. The third party application will be available for subscription by October 2021.
  • MitID’s personal branding tool. When a person visits your site using the Google search, he is still not given the option to sign up or clear their cookies. By integrating MitID with your business’ sign up process, you can offer your visitors the ability to sign up or clear their cookies right on the website. As part of the sign up process, a potential customer will be asked for his personal email address, which is already saved in the database of your service provider.
  • The third add-on service that companies can use in the pilot phase is the MitID app. Once downloaded, users will get access to all of the functionality that is provided by the standard client: voice calling, text and picture messaging, and the ability to access text and picture messaging services. There will also be the ability to track the call history and generate reports. Users will also be able to get access to their saved contacts as well as manage their secure online accounts from within the app.


Once a user signs up and clears their cookies, they will gain the ability to access the MitID’s secured account management page. Here they can create and edit passwords, change their contact list, manage permissions, change PIN numbers, and so much more. This is where the real value of the MitID infrastructure emerges. The platform is designed to work seamlessly with the client and any third-party application that you choose to integrate into it. As we discussed before, in the future these additional services will allow for enhanced user experience and authentication, therefore making the entire process that much easier for end users.

The future for MitID

We believe that the next few years will see greater implementation of the MitID platform by more organizations. This will lead to further developments of the self-service solutions and other areas. Given the recent advancements in biometrics and other forms of smart card, such as fingerprints, it appears that there is no turning back. However, organizations must still find a way to enhance the experience for end users and clients. Even with the implementation of better biometrics and smart cards, the future for MitID looks strong.

Electrical Wire Panels

Also referred to as an industrial panel board, panel boards are the location where the electricity or power is generated. Simply put, it’s the main source of electrical power generation in any industry. When you have a panel board that is in direct contact with electricity and motion, you have potential for great danger. There are times when an electrical shock can occur, especially if there is a panel fault. The potential dangers with contact with electrical power is what led to the invention of panel boards. With the invention of this safety device, electrical power distribution has been greatly improved. Also, next time when you see a large industrial circuit breaker, you’ll notice that there are many panel boards between the breaker and the circuits. This is to help keep everything safe and protected from accident or injury.

When the circuit breaker panel is damaged, there is a huge potential of loss of electrical power to certain industrial sections or buildings. To prevent loss of electrical power, the panel boards are placed in the breaker panel closest to the equipment, which can then isolate the damaged section by using metal conduit or other isolation device. Then, the panel boards are isolated from each other to minimize the shock hazard. To know more about panel boards, read on to know more about their functions and application in industrial sectors.

Industrial panel boards

Industrial panel boards are usually used in printing presses, sewing machines, food processing plants, hospitals, chemical plants, electronics factories, woodworking shops, auto parts and heavy machinery units. Basically, they are important to keep these industries safe during power interruption. They are also used in other commercial sectors where they need to isolate certain circuits that may be susceptible to damage due to water, fire or electrical shock. For instance, some food processing plants may have multiple panels to prevent contamination of water used for washing and drying the vegetables and meat. The same is true with automotive assembly lines that have breakers that need to be isolated from the car body.

You can find different types of panel boards for specific applications at your local retailers. You can buy them according to size, color, number of posts and terminal connections, etc. You should purchase them from a reputable source so that you get good quality and best performance. There are several brands in the market and you must make the best choice based on your specific requirements. The advantage of buying online is that you can easily compare the prices and features of different brands so that you purchase the one that meets your requirements at the lowest price. Also, you can find a number of products on special discounts and you can buy them in bulk to reduce cost.

These days, there are a variety of online suppliers that offer reliable, durable and high-quality electrical wiring and panel boards at discounted prices. Some even offer free shipping and affordable rates for bulk orders. This way, you can save money and avoid wastage of electricity. The electrical wiring and panel boards are highly essential in industrial and office premises because they provide a safe and secure environment for both the workers and the management. They also help in reducing the costs of electrical appliances and reduce incoming power bills.

How ZignSec Can Strengthen Any Business

Whether it be shopping for the latest fashion trends, managing their retirement funds, paying their bills, or managing their bank accounts, more and more consumers around the world are turning to online solutions for everyday activities and transactions. These trends will only accelerate in coming years, meaning businesses will need innovative solutions to stay relevant while also staying secure. The suite of tools offered by ZignSec ( provide businesses with a complete set of features to help companies verify their customers’ identities and keep them up both up to date and secure.

Services ZignSec Offers

ZignSec offers a number of tools that businesses can easily integrate into their online services that will ensure their customers can easily and safely verify their identities. Among the services businesses can use ZignSec for are:

  • Age Verification
  • Digital ID Scans
  • Identify Verification
  • Realtime Payments
  • Digital Onboarding

ZignSec was founded in 2015 with the goal of creating industry leading identification verification services. The platform uses AI and machine learning to constantly evolve and improve by compiling the best data to use in different parts of the world. This allows it to comply with local and international laws using the best and most common forms of identification.

An automated solution like ZignSec helps to keep businesses legally compliant in an environment where regulations and laws are adjusted and differ from place to place. This solution allows for peace of mind that customers’ identities are not only verified but are done so legally, all while freeing up a company’s team to work on providing the best products and customer service, not wading through a constantly changing legal environment.

Additionally ZignSec offers code free, drag and drop solutions that let businesses easily collect their customers’ information and then verify they are who they say they are. These services include online ID verification that allows users to upload forms of identification such as passports or ID cards in realtime when making a purchase, electronic identities that allow customers to create a digital form of identification, and electronic ID verification that compares information across a variety of data sources in over 100 countries to verify and cross reference the information provided by the customer. All of these solutions allow businesses to avoid fraud while maintaining ease of use for the customer and the business.