Electrical Wire Panels

Jun 2, 2021 Digital

Also referred to as an industrial panel board, panel boards are the location where the electricity or power is generated. Simply put, it’s the main source of electrical power generation in any industry. When you have a panel board that is in direct contact with electricity and motion, you have potential for great danger. There are times when an electrical shock can occur, especially if there is a panel fault. The potential dangers with contact with electrical power is what led to the invention of panel boards. With the invention of this safety device, electrical power distribution has been greatly improved. Also, next time when you see a large industrial circuit breaker, you’ll notice that there are many panel boards between the breaker and the circuits. This is to help keep everything safe and protected from accident or injury.

When the circuit breaker panel is damaged, there is a huge potential of loss of electrical power to certain industrial sections or buildings. To prevent loss of electrical power, the panel boards are placed in the breaker panel closest to the equipment, which can then isolate the damaged section by using metal conduit or other isolation device. Then, the panel boards are isolated from each other to minimize the shock hazard. To know more about panel boards, read on to know more about their functions and application in industrial sectors.

Industrial panel boards

Industrial panel boards are usually used in printing presses, sewing machines, food processing plants, hospitals, chemical plants, electronics factories, woodworking shops, auto parts and heavy machinery units. Basically, they are important to keep these industries safe during power interruption. They are also used in other commercial sectors where they need to isolate certain circuits that may be susceptible to damage due to water, fire or electrical shock. For instance, some food processing plants may have multiple panels to prevent contamination of water used for washing and drying the vegetables and meat. The same is true with automotive assembly lines that have breakers that need to be isolated from the car body.

You can find different types of panel boards for specific applications at your local retailers. You can buy them according to size, color, number of posts and terminal connections, etc. You should purchase them from a reputable source so that you get good quality and best performance. There are several brands in the market and you must make the best choice based on your specific requirements. The advantage of buying online is that you can easily compare the prices and features of different brands so that you purchase the one that meets your requirements at the lowest price. Also, you can find a number of products on special discounts and you can buy them in bulk to reduce cost.

These days, there are a variety of online suppliers that offer reliable, durable and high-quality electrical wiring and panel boards at discounted prices. Some even offer free shipping and affordable rates for bulk orders. This way, you can save money and avoid wastage of electricity. The electrical wiring and panel boards are highly essential in industrial and office premises because they provide a safe and secure environment for both the workers and the management. They also help in reducing the costs of electrical appliances and reduce incoming power bills.